Welcome, All Writers

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We don’t nag you about political correctness here. 

Unfortunately, we’re not set up for free speech absolutism, so even if we think you should be allowed to say it, we may have to remove the kind of naughty words that may get us banned from the internet. 

This is a place to meet other people who are tired of woke mob suppression. We might be able to set up some sort of private chat in the future with rules that are more lax, but these forums need to stay more chill and somewhat palatable to the more mainstream crowd. 

Thanks for understanding! 

The rules are simple:

  • Don’t be an ass
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t harass other users
  • Don’t plagiarize
  • Don’t post anything illegal or encourage others to do anything illegal
  • Chill TF out when told to by the site owner or mods
  • Avoid the words and phrases that will get us nuked from the internet
  • And, obviously, no doxxing

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